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Thank you for your interest in referring your  patient to Integrated Physiotherapy.

We are all working to achieve the same thing -results for our patients. If its not happening and you could use some fresh ideas let us help.

We consider it a great privilege, and a pleasure, to be a part of your  patient management.

With over 25 years clinical work at  the highest sports physiotherapy level using a multitude of manual therapy and manipulative treatment techniques , coaching and retraining, dry needling and traditional acupuncture we can often offer the breakthrough you are looking for. We report back to  share our assessments and observations with you and your patient and only want to stay involved  until your patient is able to  continue their progress  with you.

At Integrated Physiotherapy  we offer  an approach to physiotherapy  that  has many points  of difference and is, in some respects, unconventional. When added to more  conventional approaches  where progress may be slow or appear to have stalled, positive change is often seen. This may be for many reasons and some of them are as simple as our appointment time structure but includes:

  • Hour long consultations at Integrated Physiotherapy  allow  techniques to be applied to multiple, anatomically and neurologically related regions within one treatment session which allows a different level of neuro-integration following the treatment  to what might occur after treating separate regions on different days
  • Every session we go through  specific integrated neuro-myofascial screening process which  allow us to determine the presence of  an accumulation of tissue irritation or restriction-anywhere in the musculoskeletal system.  This is rarely if even that actual site of pain and these sites may produce abnormal impulses which load the neurological system and may contribute to “brain” sensitivity.  eg. a shoulder restriction on the left may be what is causing  the hip on the right side to exhibit excessive lateral movement or a lack of thoracic spine rotation to the  left may be what is causing excessive and perhaps painful internal rotation of the right knee.
  • We are able to spend considerable time teaching and retraining exercise, postures and work and sporting techniques using video feedback. In many cases people respond well to the longer teaching and feedback process than when these important aspects of treatment are, by necessity, squeezed into shorter consultations.
  • The use of Integrated Dry needling as part of the manual therapy used at our clinic provides another point of difference as there are many ways in which this style of needle stimulation affects the  systems tissues and neurology when compared to the trigger point dry needling techniques other practitioners commonly use.
  • Over 25 years assessing and coaching many sporting techniques in conjunction with  manual therapy directed by a head to toe, neuro-myofascial screening process
  • The use of traditional acupuncture alongside dry needling, manual therapy and exercise prescription may provide important , breakthrough systemic support , for a patient who has suboptimal inflammatory and healing responses due to:
    •  immune system compromise
    • autonomic nervous system imbalance
    • altered body chemistry or hormonal imbalance


 We look forward to working with you.
Online Referral Form