Our Treatment Philosophy

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Treatment techniques

Treatment techniques such as join mobilisation, dry needling and soft tissue techniques may be used to optimise tissue mobility where it has been lost over time due to poor techniques or postural overload. This is the more passive (or sometimes referred to as the panel beating) aspect of your treatment regime, though will often be given some very active, self treatment techniques to continue at home between appointments.

If your therapist considers your constitution to be significantly involved in your condition, you may be offered a treatment regime that involves traditional acupuncture. This may incorporate suggestions regarding changes to diet, lifestyle and attitude that may be of benefit.

New, more efficient, postures and movement patterns that load the body in a more effective way must be learned and mastered to a level where you are able to use them in your chosen activities at whatever level of loading and intensity you require. This is the exercise rehabilitation and retraining aspect of your treatment regime.

Digital image analysis and video coaching are amongst the tools used in this stage of treatment.