Our Treatment Philosophy

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Global-Whole body approach

The site of your pain may well be the result of overload due to movement dysfunction elsewhere in your “body machine”. Applying any form of treatment directly to this site is, in many cases, an ineffective or at least an inefficient approach to treating the problem. It is important to identify the movement problem that is causing the tissue overload and to address it. If you have a long term unresponsive or recurrent problem that has responded poorly or only temporarily to direct treatment modalities you may consider this approach as an option.

Movement dysfunction in one hip may not hurt however it may result on your body having some asymmetry causing you to overload some other structures such as those in your lumbar spine which becomes your painful area. Your hip symmetry and function must be restored or optimised to provide the possibility of optimal loading and function of your lumbar spine. You may then need to learn new postures, or walking, running or other sporting techniques to ensure the asymmetry and dysfunction does not reoccur.