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Sports Physiotherapy

Andrew received the Sports Physiotherapy Title from the Australian Physiotherapy Association in 2000, prior to the Sydney Olympics and have 24 years experience treating sporting and acute injuries in athletes and sports people from recreational to elite levels in many sports.

The process of assessing and removing movement barriers, whilst unloading affected tissue and optimising healing with dry needling and sports taping whilst retraining more efficient movement and loading patterns applies equally to the elite swimmer or triathlete as it does the recreational sports person or active walker or gardener.

Sports physiotherapists utilise a process of solving pain problems by working out dysfunctions and imbalances in the “body machine” which result in some structures in the body becoming pain sensitive. They also have an intimate knowledge of tissue healing, tissue pathology and diagnosis and the mechanical requirements of sports and other activities. Many of the treatment techniques and approaches currently used in the wider physiotherapy profession evolved from the sports physiotherapy area of the profession . A sports physiotherapist has an intimate knowledge of the mechanics  of your sport or activity and the demands it places on your body. Treatment often involves a degree of hands on treatment to change your tissue and promote healing and a retraining phase in which you learn to assimilate your new movement patterns  into your activity whilst conditioning your tissue to a level where it can tolerate the stresses involved.