Stretched it and strengthened it and it still hurts?


Pain is not the problem it is the inconvenient result of the problem

You need physios that can tell you not only WHAT hurts but WHY it hurts

We will assess your whole body in a way others do not, to accurately identify and treat the movement dysfunction causing your pain (the WHY)

We use a range of Integrated Dry Needling, soft tissue and gentle manipulative techniques to resolve your movement dysfunction 

THEN  we take the time to help you learn to move efficiently so you are no longer incorrectly loading yourself in the way that caused the issue

Highly experienced practitioners committed to your whole body

Expert in our Integrated whole body treatment approach 

1 hour appointments

Integrated Treatment for Difficult Injuries


Sports injuries-sprains, corks and muscle tears.


Pain which has not responded to conventional approaches (physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy or massage therapy).


Neck and back pain.


Pain associated with stress, fatigue, immune deficiency, stress or a combination of these


Overuse / repetitive strain injuries in the workplace. e.g. musicians


Overuse sporting injuries – running, cycling, swimming and paddlers.

Move and feel better

Learn and train to move in the ways  you need for your life

Learn strategies and techniques to maintain yourself independently wherever possible

Have a clearly defined maintenance and early problem identification strategy to stay free of pain with our Global Integrated Screening 

Our integrated treatment model incorporates

Video assessment and a sensitive musculoskeletal screening process.

Movement efficiency and postural awareness retraining

Skilled manual therapy

Energetically based, traditional oriental acupuncture.

Dry needling

Sports physiotherapy

We are dedicated to maximising your appointment time

If you want to maximise your appointment time with treatment and not administration, pay ahead of your appointment so we can all concentrate on you feeling better.  Pay using our online payment portal.