Pain is the result  and not the cause of your problem.

We will  look where others do not to find and treat the cause.

We will teach you to use  your new efficient, movement options in your life  so you never look back.

Pain free function. Optimal performance.

Move Well!

Successfully Treating Difficult Injuries


Sports injuries-sprains, corks and muscle tears.


Overuse sporting injuries – running, cycling, swimming and paddlers.


Neck and back pain.


Pain which has not responded to conventional approaches (physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy or massage therapy).


Fatigue, immune deficiency, infertility or menstrual issues, stress and menopause symptoms OR musculoskeletal pain in combination with any of these.


Overuse / repetitive strain injuries in the workplace. e.g. musicians

Andrew is a leader in the field of dry needling and acupuncture in physiotherapy and has presented his course to over 2300 of his colleagues in Australia and New Zealand since 1994.

Our integrated treatment model incorporates

Video assessment and a sensitive musculoskeletal screening process.

Movement efficiency and postural awareness retraining

Skilled manual therapy

Energetically based, traditional oriental acupuncture.

Dry needling

Sports physiotherapy

Our Appointment structure incorporates


Shorter appointments for simple acute sporting or traumatic injuries.


Health fund rebates and Medicare EPC referrals.


After hours appointments.


Two different appointment types to suit your needs.

How is Integrated Physiotherapy different?


We spend an hour with you. We do not leave you attached to a machine or alone in a gym.


We take the time to look at your whole body to determine cause of your problem. We don’t focus on the site of the pain which is the result of the problem.


We take the time to teach you how to move more efficiently to achieve your exercise, sporting or activity goals without tissue overload, and pain.


We take the time to improve your technique (running, golf swing, cycling, vacuuming) to improve your performance and reduce further injury.


We provide instructional videos for any drills, techniques or exercises you need to practice. No stickmen scribbled on scraps of paper.


We appreciate the interaction between your internal physiology ( immune system, inflammation profile, nervous system irritability), your psychological drivers and your biomechanics and have the skills to address all in a complete treatment approach.


We know there is far more to treating your body than rubbing, stretching and strengthening the sore spot or a need to work on core stability and flexibility.


We are experienced in a wide selection of treatment modalities and choose the treatment that will benefit you the most

Dedicated to providing more treatment in the time you spend with us

Once you have made the time in your day to come to the clinic, don’t waste valuable appointment time filling in forms or making appointments and payments. Use our online booking or payment systems or our new patient registration form to maximise your time with us.

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