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Traditional Acupuncture-a brief overview

It is not uncommon for the bodies tissue healing and inflammatory response to be less than optimal due to:
• immune system compromise
• autonomic nervous system imbalance
• altered body chemistry
• altered brain chemistry
• hormonal imbalance

In many of these situations the inclusion of acupuncture in the treatment regime provides a regulatory influence allowing a particular condition to progress where biomechanical and locally focused treatment alone has not.

Andrew’s particular approach to acupuncture is influenced by Japanese Meridian Therapy which characterises itself from other approaches by the use of many needles with light tissue stimulation and an emphasis on palpation of the bodies tissues and meridians for diagnostic and reassessment purposes.

The needling of points on meridians in the the body to boost, harmonise and remove blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body. It is one part of a system of healing developed in China which has spread through Asia and the western world. Traditionally, oriental healing included not only the needling of and application of moxa to points on the body but also herbal and diet therapy, several forms of massage or manipulative therapy (eg tuina) and exercise therapy(eg tai chi).

Oriental medicine uses a system of physiology which imposes a system of channels or meridians on the body through which vital energy (qi) flows. These have branches deep into to the organs of the body and are the pathway through which the flow of energy in the meridians affects organ function and visa versa.

The internal organ system is like a turbine and pump systam that extracts energy from the air and food , refines it and pushes it around the body. Wastes are also excreted by the organ system. When imbalance arises in the organ system, energy flow in the meridians can be disturbed resulting in pain, tissue tightness or other symptoms being experienced. Where there is insufficient energy or it becomes stuck in the meridians pain, tissue tightness or other symptoms may be experienced.

The oriental modal also incorporates an aspect of genetics into its model. We are a combination of our predetermined cellular structure (dna) and the cumulative effects of our environment, our lifestyle and our spiritual or psychoemotional state.

Life places certain stresses apon us and our systems can to a point resist those stresses and allow us to exist in a painfree and disease free state.

If there are temporary changes or gradual deterioration in one or more of the above aspects of our being (structure, lifestyle, environment, psychoemotional) our ability to resist the stresses of life may be reduced predisposing us to pain or disease.

Acupuncture may help the imbalances in the organ and meridian system but if the changes in our system are not transient aspects of lifestyle may ultimately have to be addressed to achieve a maximum, lasting result.