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General Information


You do not require a doctors referral to attend the clinic as a private patient.

Integrated Physiotherapy operates by appointment only and we advise that due to heavy demand for appointments you book a course of approximately 4-5 sessions over a 4-7 week period to allow for follow up appointments.

Health fund rebates and rebates for treatment under Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Plan are available.

We offer two types of appointment to suit your needs.

Appointment Types

Online Payments

We want to spend as much of your appointment time as possible, focussed on providing you with our integrated treatment and not on administration. Use our online payments system to prepay for your appointment to ensure you maximise the care you receive in the time you spend with us.

Pre-paid appointment blocks

There is a 5 % discount if you wish to prepay for a block of 5, A60 consultations.

A60 Appointment

Purchase an A60 Appointment via our online payment system.


A30 Appointment

Purchase an A30 Appointment via our online payment system.