A60 Appointments

A60 appointment checklist

If any of these points apply to you, then the A60 appointments are most appropriate for you.


My problem seems to temporarily improve but within a short time, comes back.


My problem has not responded to many sessions of what I believe to be a thorough treatment approach.


I have had this problem many times before but it just seems to keep coming back.


One pain seems to settle then a different one “pops up” somewhere else.


My problem has not responded to several sessions of several different treatment modalities eg physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.


My pain settles if I avoid activity but comes back within a few sessions of me returning to that activity.


I can control my pain as long as I spend several hours stretching and using a foam roller every day.


I have sleep, gastrointestinal or mood regulation issues that I feel may somehow be related to my bodies inability to recover from pain

A60 Appointment details

A60 appointments are extended one-on-one appointments, which may be up to 60 minutes in duration. These premium sessions are the standard at the clinic and include a global assessment and multi area treatment, and may include video assisted movement analysis and coaching.

They may also be for constitutional meridian therapy acupuncture, to treat autonomic nervous system imbalance, immune deficiency and systemic inflammatory conditions.

This appointment length allows far more to be achieved in your sessions relative to the time taken up by formalities such as appointment scheduling, changing and payment procedures than the conventional 15-30 minute appointments used elsewhere. They also allow new movement to be achieved, experienced and trained all at once instead of being spread over two, three or even four appointments. This improves your bodies assimilation of new movement, postures and skills.

Appointment Fee $189

Please note: Sports taping or strapping products used in the sessions  will be additional to this.

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Unsure Which Appointment?

If you are unsure whether you should book an A30 or an A60 appointment email us and we will call you to discuss what would best suit your requirements.