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If you are a confident, driven and committed Physiotherapist

looking to take your clinical practice to the next level our long appointments and structured and whole patient treatment system provide the way for you to achieve  amazing results  with pain problems that have not  responded to other treatments. Grow your expertise weekly and watch your results explode  with our structured mentoring program.

If you are a  lightning fast learner who loves challenging clinical reasoning, is skilled in interpersonal relationships, manual therapy, dry needling and meaningful exercise prescription then Integrated Physiotherapy is the perfect practice for you.

Our practice is bursting at the seams with new patients and we need a high performing  physiotherapist to join us.

You will be part of a team applying advanced problem solving clinical skills with tireless vigour to lead your patients through  the physical transformation  they need.

Are You The One?

Please ONLY apply to this position if you are an A Player wishing to excel daily in our dedicated team.


  • You are a positive, energetic and personable 
  • You are a high achieving team player with a desire to excel in private practice
  • You love private practice and are looking for a work environment with more challenge and intrinsic reward 
  • You are continuously seeking to develop your clinical knowledge and skills in order to be the best physio you can be
  • You are eager to learn, grow and work under the mentorship of experienced practitioners.
  • You have super high emotional intelligence.
  • You are extremely accountable for your outcomes.
  • You’re highly resilient and adaptable
  • You see  limitations in the  conventional approach to fixing pain and injury
  • You recognise that the regions of the body are interdependent  and want to address these relationships directly
  • You recognise the powerful combined effect of manual therapy, exercise therapy, movement coaching and expert communication 
  • You understand patients want to be touched, and are good with your hands and better with your brain and your communication.



Integrated Physiotherapy started in Hobart in 2009 and continues an approach to clinical practice established by founder and practice owner Andrew Hutton interstate in 1994.

Located on the fringe of the Hobart CBD in a historic building, refitted with three large treatment rooms and a studio gym you’ll have  everything you need to create practice and loading programs for your patient and further your development as a practitioner.  

Our spacious treatment rooms are tastefully appointed providing the optimum in professional consulting environments. Each has a variable height desk, individual laptop, ipads  and accessories to allow optimal ergonomics and workflow efficiency for our practitioners-we practice what we preach. 

Our light, bright meeting room and long table is a perfect place to wind down and tidy up any loose ends after your consulting session, for team meetings, presentations and lively discussions, both clinical and not, which we all enjoy.



We  are currently two physios and one integrated therapist (a massage therapist working with  integrated treatment systems).

You’ll be working for the owner and founder of Integrated Physiotherapy, Andrew Hutton who  has  30 years experience, is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and  who developed the integrated treatment system used in the clinic. 

Our offsite  admin team manages everything from patient enquiries to booking in the treatment plans you establish with your patients so you can focus on  what you do best – your patient care. Our team meets weekly so we are all up to date with what everyone else is doing. 

Our future vision includes further physiotherapy, conventional  remedial massage therapy and  an exercise physiology practitioner  as well as an onsite administration person to compliment our superb offsite team.


  • We thrive on helping people achieve and master pain free movement so they can do what they need and love to do.
  • We offer  patients a proven treatment system that provides progress and pain relief when other  conventional physical  therapies have failed.
  • We take the time to to assess  and treat multiple interrelated areas to resolve painful movement dysfunction which are maintained by  mastery of  skilled movement and specific self management techniques
  • We use Integrated Dry Needling and manual therapy to restore range lost through trauma, poor loading or both.
  • We treat as a team, assisting and supporting each other with every patient.
  • We meet regularly to review and improve our own performance so we continue to grow, strive and thrive as practitioners.
  • We recognise people have varying levels of energy and space in their lives and we are experts in leading them on  a highly individualised pathway to sustained transformation .
  • Our caseload is entirely private clients. Our patients enjoy our integrated treatment  services, and are prepared to spend the necessary time, effort and money to optimise their health. You will learn to lead your patients on a journey to physical transformation and see them enthusiastically embrace your  treatment recommendations.



  • We do not offer short lead time, crisis care. We see very few acute injuries though we need to be prepared, experienced and confident to deal with them when they present.
  • We do not provide junk exercises or advice that patients can find themselves on Google. Every movement we teach provides a patient with a meaningful opportunity to practice  or load in a way that relates directly to their movement requirements.
  • Painful trigger point dry needling
  • We do not attempt to stretch and strengthen the “sore spot”, we solve the movement problem causing the “sore spot”



  • The successful applicant will be able to assess, treat and manage a complex, varied musculoskeletal caseload
  • Daily focus sessions provide an opportunity to discuss patient care  for the day and ensure every patient is getting the integrated  treatment they deserve
  • Weekly one on one meetings for coaching, problem solving and feedback so everyone can continue developing and  perform at their best. 
  • Weekly team meetings promote  communication and ensure the cohesiveness of our entire team. We celebrate our wins every day and everyone contributes to  develop strategies to overcome any difficulties.
  • 3.0  hours monthly CPD in either  online training , live practical sessions with the clinical team
  • Continual access to research review publications and journal articles 


  • You have been working in private practice for 1-5 years 
  • You are a team player not a lone wolf
  • You are an excellent diagnostician  with some some acute injury management experience such as sports physiotherapy where you have  honed these skills
  • You enjoy solving difficult problems with your patients.
  • You use a variety of soft tissue techniques and manual therapy skills and want to learn more
  • You have some dry needling training but recognise its limitations and want to expand its  scope and effect (you will learn how  with us using Integrated Dry Needling )
  • You are a great communicator



✅ Over $18,000 in Annual Clinical Skills and Patient  Management training – We love personal and professional development. 

✅ All team members get accredited in our Integrated Dry Needling course upon completion of our training program.

✅ You’ll see “behind the scenes” of how we have consistently sustained exceptionally busy practices over 31 years by addressing the gaps in conventional physical therapy approaches

✅ Generous salary – We want Australia’s best talent and reward as such.

✅ You’ll get to work in a challenging clinical setting where you will engaged and stimulated personally and professionally


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✅ Full Training and Support – Every new team member will go through a 4 week training period to make sure you are fully confident in your role. We also run a peak performance environment with daily, weekly and quarterly support to make sure you reach your goals.

Our training program is proven to transform a passionate practitioner struggling with the limitations of conventional physiotherapy into a super practitioner  confidently engaged in systematically solving the most complex  musculoskeletal presentations.

You will complete an intense training period  covering everything from mindset in the treatment room to motivational interviewing to perfecting your clinical skills including Integrated Dry Needling, our manual therapy and FIT™ Functional Integrated Training system.

Activities include observation of clinical sessions and practice using role play and video feedback so that you can be super confident with what to say and what to do with your new caseload.